Sunday, July 03, 2005

My Altar (continued)

Soon after I wrote about creating an altar again, another “coincident” happened.

I had been thinking about what I would like to put on my altar, but didn’t want to just throw a few things on top and call it started. I don’t want it to have a random feeling, either, with a little bit of everything. I am rather stressed right now, between school and the possibility of a government shut down, meaning I will not have a job until our legislators stop playing their childish games. I am currently in need of a calming influence in my life.

I thought about what makes me calm down. Sitting by the near-by lake watching the water and being outdoors were two ideas that popped into my mind right away. Rocks also have a calming, grounding effect on me as well. I decided I was going to take my inspiration from nature.

So what was my “coincident?” Someone, my guess would be the kids that live near-by, left a huge bouquet of pussy willow branches near my door. They are now being help up-right by a glass as I don't have a vase to use. As soon as I saw them I knew exactly what they would be used for.

As I said in the earlier post, I want to use found objects. I think most of these altar objects are going to come to me through these “coincidences.” I look forward to seeing what comes my way next.

This experience has reminded me about a phenomenon that happened while I hiked the Appalachian Trail a few years ago. The phenomenon was aptly named “Trail Magic.” When a hiker needed something, not wanted something, but really NEEDED something, that “thing” would have a way of manifesting. Whether it was simply a ride into town from the trail, a place to stay for a few nights while recovering from a twisted ankle or illness, or even a shoulder to cry on when the trials of the trail became almost to much to take, someone (usually a stranger) would come to the rescue.

I had people invite me to eat with their families, invite me into their homes for the night, and even had a few people hand me their car keys and directions to their house and told me to drop it off when I was finished doing my “town chores.” It was truly an amazing experience.

I am again amazed at what life sends my way when I have a need for it.

I am also starting to gather a few flat stones while I am out hiking. I have always had a thing for stones and plan pick up a few here and there as I find ones I like.

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TurtleHeart said...

I like to use "found" things for my altar as well, sometimes. One of my favorites is a beautiful, smooth black stone from a stream in Iowa. I also have moss and crawdad claws I found when at Lake Tahoe. A small piece of quartz from a mountain I visited, a flower from my gardens... things like that... good energy.