Wednesday, June 22, 2005

May The Force Be With You

Today, I decided to join Technorati after seeing it on a few different Pagan Blogs that I have been checking out. On this site, you can add keyword searches for things that have been posted on the web. I added "Wicca" and I found this post. It's rather interesting as it relates "The Force" from the Star Wars movies to different belief systems, including Wicca. This is a mild reference on this site, nothing really negitive.

On a related note, I had been flipping through radio stations earlier last week, and had caught the tail end of a Christian radio station talking about this same thing, but it was trying to convince its listeners that there were people (ie - Wiccans) who believed whole-heartedly in "the force" of the Star Wars movies. I found it hilarious that Christians would cirrulated this kind of propaganda to discredit a different religion in the name of being self-righteous. I just think they are making themselves look bad. Besides the religious propaganda, I think another main point was to warn Christians to stay away from these movies. Kinda reminds me of the controversy of the movie Dogma (directed by Kevin Smith) when it was in the theaters. What movies, books, internets sites out there haven't been denounced by some fundamentalist Christian (except their own)?

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