Friday, June 03, 2005

List of Books about Paganism

Here is a short list of books that I have read, want to read, or feel are of interest to my study of Pagan religions. Some of these books are well known within the realm of Paganism, some are text books that were used in an anthropology class I had years ago, and some are just listed here because I want to remember some books that have been mentioned on websites or in books so that I can read them.

Of course there are more books out there, especially those of fluff that I do not feel have any valuable information in them. I do prefer books that have more of a scholarly feel and those of historical value relating to the subject. If you have any suggestions on books to add to my reading list, please let me know.

I have listed the author, the title, and the year when it was first published (to the best of my knowledge). Many of these books do have updated editions.

Adler, Margot - Drawing Down the Moon; 1979
Campbell, Joseph – The Power of Myth; 1988
Cunningham, Scott - The Truth About Witchcraft Today; 1988
Frazer, Sir James; The Golden Bough; 1890
Gardner, Gerald – Witchcraft Today; 1955
Gardner, Gerald – The Meaning of Witchcraft; 1959
Lehmann, Arthur & James E. Myers – Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion: An Anthropological Study of the Supernatural; 1985
Murray, Margaret – The Witch-Cult in Western Europe; 1921
Starhawk – Spiral Dance; 1979

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