Monday, June 27, 2005

Blog Link - Theory of Religion

Here is a short but sweet post at Intellectual Conversations that brings up an interesting question. Be sure to read the comments as that seems to be where most of the conversation is.

There is mention of genetics playing a part in our quest for religion (very paraphrased from their comments) and I have read some studies that tie religion and a human's need for ritual with genetics as well.

On a side note, I am finding that the "Wiccan Texts" are very boring, with little imagination and will stop posting them. I thought that I would learn more about the Wiccan religion, but I'm honestly not learning very much from them. Most of the Wiccan Texts out there seem to be poetry, and while poetry serves its purpose, I don't think that it is the best way to express religious dogma. I think that there could be a better way to express the religious views and ideas in a more intellectual way.

I will continue to post more "Blog Links" as I find questions, ideas, and theories on other blogs that make people think more about their beliefs and evolve itellectually rather than something that keeps the revolving around the same old stagnant ideas.


Abby said...

Glad you asked. Actually, I never really thought about it. True, Spirit is an element, but not one you invoke in your circle like the others. I think this is because Spirit is brought by the witch herself, so I figure that only a witch can define spirit foods for herself.

Eight said...

The most important part of being pagan, to me, is the lack of dogma. i perform my own style of rituals (save when in a group) and i really only believe the things that any decent being believes (do not hurt others). This may sound simple and random, but it was just a thought based on your "wiccan texts". I do not consider myself "wiccan" really. i'm sort of an quan yin admiring pagan. heh.

Anyway, thanks for linking our IC blog. Six and I created it because of the lack of intelligent conversations we found at private school. :P